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Donate Blood

posted Dec 8, 2009, 10:39 PM by Amit Lohia

Being a citizen of a Earth, one should donate blood in every six months.. You never know when a drop of blood of yours can save a life of your near and dear ones... Not only your dear one's, it can be as precious as diamonds to some unknown person for whom you would be the god for life.

As per the available estimates, it is known that India needs 6 million units of blood per year and the present status of availability is only 3 million. It is our duty to serve the country and mankind in every possible way. Blood donation is amongst the highest service one can render to humanity and you can feel proud that you would be saving the life of someone who is in need of blood.

It is a common misconception that by donating blood a person gets physically weak because a person recovers the blood lost in donation only in 20 to 50 days and can donate again after 3 months.